RCFE / CSE workshops

The Réseau romand de conseil, formation et évaluation pour l'enseignement universitaire (RCFE, site in French) offers specialist training for assistants and a workshop specially devoted to doctoral students entitled « Preparing your thesis oral examination ». It provides practical tools for preparing for the oral examination and improving communication skills.

The RCFE site also offers a series of practical information sheets, in Fench, entitled ABC (e.g.: ABC of the management of questions relating to the oral examination, ABC of the presentation and oral expression, ABC of visual supports, etc.)
It is also worth consulting the UNIL Centre for Teaching and Learning (Centre de soutien à l’enseignement (CSE), site in French) site, which offers many interesting training programmes, including an introduction to university teaching intended for assistants (priority is given to UNIL staff; contact the person responsible to find out whether there are any places available) and various thematic workshops open to everyone.

The CSE also offers practical information (in French): sheets, memos and pedagogical documentation.