International workshop

"A comparative perspective on precarious prosperity and household strategies in times of economic strain"

The current global situation characterized by economic strain is about to lead to feelings of uncertainty, vulnerability, deprivation, and to lead to social changes in all societies. There is a growing concern among the researchers and policy makers in Europe regarding the likely trend of increasing social and economic inequalities. Within the field of largely debated social inequalities, recent empirical research highlights the need to approach a social category often overlooked, namely those households in “precarious prosperity” struggling to maintain a certain secure prosperity, while being permanently aware of the limits of their opportunities and choices. “Precarious prosperity” is a structural position situated in between poverty and secure material prosperity. It is characterized by a limited (yet non-poor) standard of living and (perceived) insecurity by individuals and households.
Since 2008, different research projects in Switzerland, Europe and Latin America have studied this topic and currently a new project comparing Switzerland and Romania is conducted. This workshop addresses precarious prosperity and vulnerability through various research projects. 8 experts from Switzerland and abroad will present their work in order to compare different perspectives, methods and contexts.


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