Séminaires en économie

Seminars in Economics

The Institute of Economic Research of the University of Neuchatel organizes lunch-time research seminars in economics.

These seminars started in Fall 2010 and as time went on became a regular appointment punctuating the agenda of our institutes.

 The seminars provide a perfect opportunity for faculty members to present, in an informal setting, preliminary results of their ongoing research, and represent a chance to meet researchers coming from various universities in Europe and overeseas.

Please find the information about forthcoming and past speakers via the correspondent link on the navigator's vertical bar on the left-hand side of the screen.

Programme - Academic Year 2015-2016

Date Speaker Institution Presentation Title
18-09 Puddu UniNe Dangerous Liaisons: Interest groups and politicians' votes. A Swiss perspective 
25-09 Castro Banco de España The countercyclical capital buffer in Spain: an exploratory analysis of key guiding indicators
16-10 Martin UIB Why did Spanish cajas fail during the financial crisis? 
23-10 Landis    ETHZ Efficiency and Equity in Swiss Climate Policy - A First Assessment
06-11 Hirschberg Paul Scherrer Institute Integrated Energy and Mobility Assessment
13-11 Mayordomo University of Navarra  Dealing with Dealers: Sovereign CDS Comovements
11-12 Kimmich Swiss Federal Research Institute Trust and contract choice: An experimental approach to Swiss wood supply chains
15-04 YASSIN S.  University of Neuchâtel  Reforming Employment Protection in Egypt: An Evaluation Based on Transition Models with Measurement Errors
22-04 ALVAREZ S. University of Geneva Playing with Fire? The Internationalization and Condition of Mexican Banks prior to the 1982 Debt Crisis
13-05 CULLMANN A. DIW Berlin Productivity growth and ownership in regulated firms
20-05  Zhuravleva T. Toulouse School of Economics  A Dynamic Analysis of Demand for Childcare, Maternal Employment and Child Obesity in Russia 
03-06 Moreau V.   Ecole Polytechnique Féderale de Lausanne (EPFL)  Decoupling Energy Consumption and Economic Growth: Counter Evidence from Embodied Energy in Swiss Trade



  • Room R.113, Rue A.-L. Breguet 2
  • From 12:00 to 13:00