Degree programmes

Geography may be studied as a major or a minor, as part of a degree taken with the Faculty of Human Sciences. As we have recently changed our degree programmes in line with the Bologna system, students are currently following a variety of different course schedules. Students who began their studies during or after the academic year 2004-5 will now be granted a BA after three years, and an optional MA after a further two years. . .

Titles awarded

  • Students of geography who began their course before the academic year 2004-2005 work towards the following:
    • Degree in Human Sciences, with geography as either a major or a minor
    • Interdisciplinary Degree, with geography as a main or a supplementary subject
    • Diploma, awarded until 2009
  • Students beginning their course during or after the academic year 2004-2005 work towards the following:
    • Bachelor in Human Sciences, awarded from 2007
    • Master in Human Sciences, awarded from 2009

• PhD (see regulations)

The PhD generally requires four years’ full-time study, under the guidance of a professor who agrees to supervise the thesis. In general, professors supervise only those theses that are closely linked with their own specialisms (whilst this is not necessarily the case with Master dissertations). Once the thesis has been approved by two other professors, it is then submitted to the faculty deanship.
As with all Institutes of Geography in Switzerland, in order to begin a PhD, a candidate will first choose a theme, and will then seek the help of a professor in the corresponding field of research. A degree or an MA from the University of Neuchâtel allows students access to study a PhD at any Swiss university, provided they can find a suitable supervisor.

PhD students are enrolled in the Postgraduate PhD programme in Geography: http://geographie.cuso.ch/.

  • Inter-university postgraduate education
    • Master of Advanced Studies in Sustainable Urbanism (info)

course plans

  • BA
  • MA
  • Degrees and diplomas awarded on the former system – details regarding exams
  • HEP

Please note: Those affected by the change to the Bologna system (i.e. who began their studies during the academic year 2004-2005) can download information about the transition.