Seminar series of invited speakers

Date Speaker Title
Sept-16 Redouan Bshary
University of Neuchâtel


Sept-23 JP de Ruiter
University of Bielefeld

How not to study interaction

Sept-30 Adrian Bangerter
University of Neuchâtel

Pointing and describing
in referential communication

Okt-07 Klaus Zuberbühler
University of Neuchâtel
The primate origins
of human language
Okt-14 Fabrice Clément
University of Neuchâtel
Okt-21 Louis de Saussure
University of Neuchâtel
Okt-28 Guillaume Dezecache
University of Neuchâtel

Emotional propagation
in humans:
proximate mechanisms
and biological function

Nov-04 FLSH Fall break -no speaker  
Nov-11 Anne Reboul
Institut des sciences cognitives,

Pinocchio's syndrome:
lies and deception

Nov-18 Oona M. Lönnstedt
James Cook University, Aus

Cooperative hunting
in lionfish

Nov-25 Hugo Mercier
University of Pennsylvania, USA

Novel evidence for the
theory of reasoning

Dec-02 Thibaud Gruber
Université de Neuchâtel

Understanding cultures in primates:
from behavioural variation to the origins
of the human cultural mind

Philippe Rochat
Emory University, USA

Subjectivity and intersubjectivity
early in life

Dec-09 no seminar

no seminar

Dec-16 Adrian Jaeggi
University of Santa Barbara

Cooperation in a small-scale
subsistence society



Tuesday 12.15-13.45
Room B103
Unimail building