Laboratory equipment

Hydrochemistry and contaminants laboratory

The hydrochemistry and contaminants laboratory of the CHYN disposes of a wide range of analytical methods to characterize the general hydrochemical composition of groundwater and the occurrence of organic and inorganic contaminants. The laboratory specializes in particularly in the analysis of stable isotopes in water and organic contaminants using mass spectrometry and laser spectroscopy methods.

Parameter Method
Major ion analysis Dionex DX-120 ion chromatographs, Titrano Tirator
TOC/DOC Elementar LiquiTOCII DOC/TOC analyzer
Fluorescence spectroscopy Perkin Elmer LS50B Fluorescence Spectrometer
Organic compounds in water Thermo Trace GC with Thermo DSQII-MS, Agilent 8790 GC with 5975C Mass Sensitive Detector, Varian CP3800 with FID
Stable isotopes in water Los Gatos cavity-enhanced absorption analyzer for liquid water samples
Compounds-specific isotope analysis Thermo Trace GC with GC-Combustion III interface and ThermoFinnigan Delta Plus XP IRMS
C, H, N content in solids

Geothermics laboratory

Parameter Method
Thermal capacity Geowatt CPG
Thermal conductivity Teka TK04
Electrical conductivity Solatron SI-1260