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The Institute of English Studies at the University of Neuchâtel is a vibrant community of researchers, teachers, and students devoted to the study of English linguistics and literature.

Our curriculum covers all aspects of English at the university level, including practical language, the most current approaches to linguistics, and the study of English-language literature from the middle ages to today. The institute's relatively small size and excellent student / teacher ratio sets us apart from larger, more anonymous departments, allowing for more personalized instruction in oral, writing and research skills, and fostering intellectual exchanges in a congenial environment. We offer BA and MA-level programs in English, and we participate in the Swiss CUSO doctoral school.

Neuchâtel "Janeites" visiting the Jane Austen Centre in Bath (Institute study trip 2012)

Courses are taught by scholars very active in their respective fields who value the contribution of research to teaching. George Steiner, Terry Eagleton and Robert Darnton are among the many guest lecturers invited in the last few years. The institute also organizes a biennial trip to England as well as a number of social events during the semester.

Convinced that our students' educational experience should extend beyond the classroom, we offer a number of opportunities for outside internships and student exchanges with universities in Great Britain, the United States, and Australia.


News & events

On Tuesday 12th May Dr. Alice Leonard defended her thesis entitled 'Error in Shakespeare: Shakespeare in Error'. She was awarded summa cum laude. The jury consisted of Prof. Derek Attridge (University of York, UK), Dr. Teresa Grant (University of Warwick, UK), Dr. Paul Prescott (University of Warwick, UK), and Prof. Margaret Tudeau-Clayton (University of Neuchâtel). [photo]


We're delighted to announce the creation of a student-run UNINE English Club! All students are invited to join the club on the blog, meet up every Tuesday starting at 18.00 at the Café du Cerf, and attend their first tea-party bash on Friday 17 April at 15.00.


Welcome back for the spring semester 2015. We are especially happy to welcome our two courageous exchange students from Sheffield Hallam University, Amy Rose and Xanthe Dodds.

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